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Highly recommend Kieran. I have had a series of acupuncture treatments for severe tennis elbow, after which I was pain free! As a plus, I mentioned a swollen foot and tiredness, and using acupuncture he cured those at the same time too! Kieran is very professional and also gives helpful advice about general well being. Very clean and relaxing setting. I would definitely use his services again.
After a course of treatment for my carpal tunnel syndrome I am now completely cured.
A repetitive stress injury in my thumbs was making my life as a musician very difficult,but after a short course of acupuncture the condition has improved immensely.                                     

Kieran has helped me through some stress-related issues with a course of
acupuncture sessions that included some great advice in his consultations.
He is very professional with lots of experience and I felt looked after very
well, not the least because he looks at the person holistically, so treating
the symptom as well as looking at possible causes. He always makes time
to explain things properly and has also emailed some additional info to
follow up on previous sessions.  
I saw Kieran for two years after my surgery. He not only helped me relax after my surgery but was also very supportive, a great guy who I would highly recommend.
I've had another fantastic acupuncture session with Kieran. This time he
treated a knee injury I had suffered from running.
I was completely pain free
for the following 3 days after the session and have since felt a huge
improvement! Looking forward to the next session — I also welcome the
positive "side effect" of completely relaxing during acupuncture.

I had heard that acupuncture can help with fertility from an article in the guardian so went to my nearest place and randomly met Kieran. He was lovely, initially he gave me a health appraisal mainly about diet and exercise and sleep and consequently gave me all sorts of lifestyle advice which i found invaluable. And then he started the acupuncture - it didn\'t make me relax as some of my friends had reported would happen... but it was quite soothing and something definitely felt like it was happening in a good health sort of way! Kieran was very professional throughout and very caring... and after the sessions with him my body felt very energetic and extra healthy!! Anyway, apart from anything else i was surprised to discover after one month of treatment from Kieran I was pregnant! So now i have a second daughter -- 2 months old.....I would so recommend trying Kieran for acupuncture for anything - fertility or otherwise!        
Kieran has helped me with my chronic sinusitis. The regular 
acupuncture treatment in combination with the ganoderma 
capsules, have truly boosted my immune system. I highly
recommend his services
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