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Location & Availability
TCM consultation with acupuncture: 70
Follow ups: 65
(1st session 1 hour, follow ups 45min)

Herbal capsules: 15 for a week's supply (standard dosage)

Consultation (without acupuncture) (45 min): 50

Follow ups: 40 (30min)

* Concessionary rates are available (for low income clients). Please ask for details. 

* Cash and card payments are accepted.

* Acupuncture costs can be claimed back through private medical insurance such as
Simplyhealth and Health Shield.

* There will be a charge for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

Tea, Coffee and Supplements (with Organic Reishi Mushroom) - Available at Holistic Health
- Traditionally taken to support the immune system and metabolism. 
- Rich in anti-oxidants
- Facebook page - Reishi Life

Organic Green Tea: 25 (25 sachets)  
Organic Red Tea (plus cordyceps): 25 (25 sachets) 
Black Coffee: 22 (30 sachets) 
Traditional Black Tea: 25 (25 sachets) 
Reishi supplement (ganoderma lucidum): 45 (90 capsules)
Ganoderma mycelium - 45
Ganoderma spore powder - 70

Order online for deliveries (prices vary from those above): Organo
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